A Survivor's Theme" video coincides with the current pandemic by featuring an international photo collection of masked family, friends, colleagues and fans as the visual backdrop to Karen's performance of her original creations. 


The first video single, "A Theme of Gratitude", was released in June of 2019 and can be found on

All songs have been mixed by Ric Fierabracci, Karen's former "Live at the Acropolis" colleague and bassist.


Karen's project includes a defining series of releases within the contemporary world music genre.  Influences that continue to set Karen apart are intrinsically incorporated into this

self-produced project that includes video presentations around original compositions and arrangements. Two  arrangements on pieces by Brahms and Stravinsky are anticipated.


The music will preserve and generate the magic of a live presentation for future, featuring   collaborations with several special guests.

A World Music Performance with Naseer Shamma in Iraq!

Karen was invited to perform for a very special concert held at the historic Citadel, a castle but 8000 BC in Erbil Iraq!  The concert featured Naseer Shamma, a famous Oud player from Iraq, who assembled and an international assembly of nine incredible musicians called  "The Peacebuilders". The instrumentalists came from France, Pakistan, Spain, Syria, Iran, Turkey and Karen (the only woman) from the U.S.A.


Hundreds of fans came out for the free music presentation which was also streamed live on Facebook. Within one day, the broadcast received over 0ne hundred seventy thousand views! 

"It was an honor and a joy to perform with so many incredible musicians,"

With great enthusiasm she says, "I think Naseer's music is incredibly beautiful!".